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From consultancy to global powerhouse.

Its been an exciting ten years.

Summit was founded in 2001 by John Sotiros as a specialized consulting firm, lending its expertise to large-scale organizations looking to upgrade, enhance or convert their existing testing system to a computer-based program.

As Summit listened to its client’s individual goals, John identified a common thread: no existing platform could deliver on their specific needs. Something new needed to be built—a flexible and secure system which would meet their goals and integrate with existing systems. It needed to be universal.

Summit’s mission became crystal clear: to transform the computer based testing platform through emerging technology. A system that could truly wrap around an organization's specific processes, existing systems and channels. Something truly flexible, yet secure.

This pursuit was felt among the developer community. John hand-picked an expert team of like-minded developers and managers who possessed the unique Summit alchemy: a passion for innovation with relentless attention to security. 

With John at the helm, Summit delivered on its goal. A truly flexible item authoring system and driver were integrated for a handful of its clients with great success.

From here, Summit only gained momentum, creating robust testing programs for complex, national and global programs for non-profit organizations, world-renowned IT companies, large education institutions and professional certification organizations such as ACCA, NCARB, the AICPA, Citrix and more.

The future is bright for Summit. As technologies emerge and evolve, so do our clients solutions. We enjoy partnering with our clients, forging long-term relationships, as we continue to grow and enhance their computer-based testing systems and strategies over time.

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