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Annapolis, MD 21401
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FOUNDER & CEOMeet Summit's Leader and Vision-Maker.

John Sotiros is CEO and founder of Summit Global Testing, a leading, global provider of computer-based testing solutions. Since launching Summit ten years ago, John has maintained a strong, innovative vision for the company, one steeped in integrating emerging technologies in new ways. Whatever the challenge—a full-scale conversion from paper and pencil testing to a computer-based platform, or a custom component to integrate within an existing system—John ensures that an innovative and secure strategy is in place that will deliver on Summit’s client’s goals.

With John at the helm, Summit has evolved from a specialized e-assessment consulting group to a full-scale testing solution provider headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, with satellite offices in Park City, UT and Melbourne, FL, and now boasts two international locations in the UK.

John’s technical expertise in the computer-based testing and assessment arena is unmatched, especially when it pertains to performance based testing, complex delivery and scoring options, and advanced item banking needs. With years of experience strategizing, architecting, designing and developing enterprise, e-assessment software, John is no stranger to the challenges on that organizations face with global assessment.

He has advised prestigious companies in the past and present including Microsoft Learning, ACCA, The Princeton Review, Standard and Poor’s, The National Council of Architecture Registration Boards, The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Citrix, and many others.

A natural public speaker, John possesses a unique talent of being able to distill highly complicated information into something that a non-technical audience can understand. John has spoken at numerous conferences on e-assessment and computer-based testing trends, such as the Association of Test Publishers and PTC.

Prior to launching Summit, John was a former CIO, Principal Architect, Enterprise Architect and technical advisor to the Board of Directors in the e-assessment industry.

John is every bit a family man, entirely devoted to his wife and two children.

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