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“Summit’s level of commitment and solution-finding abilities have been outstanding. They definitely rose to the challenge. Given that this was a clean sheet of paper, they blazed the trail for what has become a very successful program in the educational community.”

- Tony Molla, VP of Communications, ASE


The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) contracted Summit to build a complex testing application that synthesized information from multiple sources. In collaboration with two nationally-recognized organizations, Skills USA and the Automotive Youth Education Service (AYES), a robust learning management system needed to be developed that would enable high school students to participate in a nationally standardized certification program.  This system needed to comply with all stakeholder requirements, and the data needed to securely integrate with an existing test delivery system already in place.

ASE also came to Summit to develop a universal practice test engine that would provide their candidates a secure, web-based forum in which to practice their certification exams. This platform needed to truly inform – to enable educators a means to share specific information securely and efficiently, to truly impart technical knowledge in meaningful ways.


By first identifying all business requirements and full compliance specifications, Summit got to work engineering custom-built systems that would effectively integrate with existing systems and foster educator-student knowledge transfer.

The solution for ASE was a customized learning management system that included:

  •     School Portal
  •     School Administrator Dashboard
  •     Instructor Dashboard
  •     Proctor Dashboard
  •     Student Dashboard
  •     Test Administration Dashboard
  •     ASE Administration Access

The solution allows the schools to update and maintain their individual schools personnel and students while still enforcing ASE’s business rules.  ASE admins have the ability to review and assist whenever needed.

Last academic year we delivered 53,982 tests using this system.


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