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So, we've been thinking.

And its been good. 

2012 was a big year for Summit. We had spent a lot of the year finalizing our computer based testing (CBT) product suite, and we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished. It’s robust. Its built from the ground-up using emerging technologies. It’s scalable. It’s secure. It’s just what we set out to build.

Yet, it left us missing the excitement of strategy and collaboration—the kind that consulting brings. Strategic consulting is the kind of work that Summit was founded upon twelve years ago. We’re not a massive corporation, instead we’re a small group of expert, e-assessment technologists who delight in collaboration and problem-solving.

We’re pretty excited. See, having built our own systems from scratch and implemented them for dozens of national clients over the years, we know about product implementation. Intimately. Meanwhile, our twelve years of consulting work has given us invaluable insight into the underpinnings of other enterprise testing systems. From the larger, global providers software, through to products built in-house. We’ve seen them. We’ve enhanced them. We’ve delivered on some pretty intense requirements that their software provider said wasn’t possible.

To that end, we’ve recently launched a new Services division, engineered to deliver on more strategic and consultative work. We’ve always maintained that “no two testing programs are alike”. To this end, we thrill in guiding our clients along the way. For either customizing Summit’s products or a different system, we’re the kind of company who prefers to understand the “big picture” and work closely with our clients to bring it to life. 

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