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SUMMIT LENDS EXPERTISE AS PRESENTER AND SPONSOR OF ATP CONFERENCEAs a Platinum Sponsor, Summit leads session on global testing strategy, unveils new suite of products and offers Caribbean giveaway

ANNAPOLIS, MD. FEBRUARY 21, 2011 -- Summit Global Testing, a leading provider of computer-based testing solutions, today announces its Platinum Sponsorship of the upcoming Association of Testing Provider’s conference in Palm Springs February 26 – 29. Summit’s aim is foster collaboration with attendees by presenting a provocative, information-rich session, providing one-on-one personal product demos at its booth, and to support ATP through its sponsorship. 

Summit’s session will give real-life context to the notion of “innovative testing” by walking attendees through a complex, global case study. The session will highlight the strategic process required to perform a thorough discovery phaseessentially walking attendees through the collaborative client process from vision through to implementation. 

“Innovation is a widely used term today. But how does it truly apply to something as complex as global testing?” quotes John Sotiros, Founder and CEO of Summit, “It’s a large undertaking. And one that requires a good deal of strategic thinking upfront. It’s the confluence of vision and innovation that powers successful testing conversions, and we’re excited to share a truly informative case study of such a global transformation.”

Summit’s session will take place at ATP on Tuesday, February 28th at  2:45 and is titled “How does innovation translate to a global, multi-faceted testing conversion? A case study.”

Summit is also pleased to showcase personal demos at its booth of its latest end-to-end computer-based testing solutions. To that end, Summit is offering a generous giveaway to entice traffic to the booth—a weeklong trip to the Southern Caribbean. 


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