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In partnership with The Princeton Review, Summit overhauls its testing engine to support the MCAT

The Princeton Review and Summit have teamed up together over the years to produce powerful computer-based testing programs that leverage adaptive logic, integrated reasoning and innovative item types.

We're excited to announce that the latest program is underway--we're revamping our testing engine to support the MCAT. As the premiere leader in test preparation services, The Princeton Review’s aim with this effort is to foster learning and understanding to help medical students ace their MCAT exam on the first go-around.

The timing for this program is crucial as the MCAT is currently undergoing a major shift. Medical school curricula is now being enhanced to improve training and education for students to better prepare for "next generation" practice. To that end, the MCAT's content and assessments are being overhauled to reflect this new learning.

"This is both exciting and gratifying work", says John Sotiros, Summit's CEO. "We serve as The Princeton Review's testing innovation arm, enabling them to focus on their strategic vision while we deliver the technical testing solution. Its a powerful partnership that really works."

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