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Let's Innovate

ProductsFull-service, global testing technologies.

Let's Innovate: No longer are global organizations limited to multiple choice or true and false to test and assess knowledge and performance. With Summit, you can envision global testing in new ways: authentically, prescriptively, adaptively—with full-service technologies that are both flexible and secure.

Whether you are making the full transition from paper and pencil testing to a computer-based solution or are just looking to upgrade just one component, Summit's team has decades of experience turning high-level requirements into truly effective and powerful testing solutions.

And best of all? We will guide you through it. We understand that no two organizations are alike. Our first step will be to gain a very clear understanding of your specific requirements and unique needs, and forge a collaborative program plan ensuring we’re in lockstep throughout the process.

Welcome to the new era of global testing. Feel free to browse our suite of services and solutions:





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