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Exam Delivery Solutions

Secure, proctored test centers, web-based testing and more.

Think of Summit's suite of products and services as a tightly woven tapestry, interlaced to provide a full-service, streamlined testing program for our clients. With our testing technologies providing innovative and secure methods for item authoring and test development, it is our exam delivery solutions that enable our clients to provide a truly global reach to their candidates.

At Summit, we offer our clients a wide range of channels to deploy secure computer based tests. Our aim is twofold. We strive to:

  1. Collaborate with each individual client to customize the right exam delivery solution for their needs
  2. Provide a clean, quiet and consistent testing experience for each and every candidate

Our most popular channels consist of some or all of the following:

Summit can also supply an "out of the box" credentialing system to integrate in our clients' own channel with all the security and greater flexibility than a traditional brick and mortar provider.

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