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Test Center ManAgement Network

Secure, modern and efficient exam centers.

As a full-service computer-based testing partner, Summit offers its clients access to testing centers across the world. Our network of test centers is expanding to suit the needs of our clients. Each center is configured to ensure cleanliness, security, support and Summit’s dedicated Test Center Management (TCM) experts ensure that our secure driver is installed and integrated properly in each center. Our process dictates rigorous testing prior to deployment and close collaboration with our clients throughout the program lifecycle.

In short, our goals are to:

  • Provide candidates pleasing and consistent environments to foster fair and secure assessment and testing
  • Enable secure, real-time validation check-in through biometrics, photo capture and more
  • Carefully screen and train proctors to ensure a secure and streamlined candidate process 
  • Support centers technically
  • Integrate stringent meausres to ensure the highest level of security
  • Ensure intuitive eligibility screening and registration
  • Integrate data securely with item bank
  • Customize each interface to reflect our client's branding and specific content
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