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Testing Technologies Exam test design, development and delivery.

At Summit, we don’t build you “what we’ve got”, we build you what you need.

With emerging technology at its core, Summit’s testing systems are flexible and customized to truly wrap around your exam test software needs. No longer are organizations forced to conform to limitations caused by re-purposed platforms built on dated technology. 

Summit has perfected a nimble, modular test software system, one that is easy to conform to specific business rules and can evolve with our clients as their organizations grow and change. 

And due to the very modular nature of our testing technologies, the systems are made more secure. Each module has been designed and tested to stand on its own, but also customized to work together as part of the larger testing system. This offers the highest level of security, as the different components cannot compromise the integrity of the larger system. 

We’re proud of our comprehensive suite of exam software solutions. From test development, authoring to delivery, Summit’s aim to is to offer our clients a bespoke solution for full end-to-end testing needs, or we can easily integrate with existing platforms as needed. 

Think of our solutions like a tapestry. Each component is custom designed to integrate with the other, whether it’s Summit’s end-to-end system, or an existing, legacy system. We’re universal like that. Read on to learn more about our:


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