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Exam Testing Software End-to-end educational testing software.

Summit has spent the last ten years engineering a truly flexible system for item authoring, banking and scoring. We’ve perfected a truly innovative end-to-end solution that offers our clients new ways to test and evaluate.

Exam Specifications

No two organizations are alike. At Summit, we pride ourselves on client collaboration to truly ascertain top-level business goals, as well as to identify functional and technical requirements in great detail. We ask a lot of questions upfront.

Test Development: Item Writing

Summit’s authoring tool empowers our clients to test in new ways. We've enjoyed customizing advanced item types for our clients, such as:

  • Linear-on-the-fly (picking questions on the fly, selection methodology)
  • Randomization of item questions/answers (for added security)
  • Audio hot-spots
  • Real-time configurations
  • Command-line prompts
  • Decision trees
  • Multimedia, audio, flash, graphics, are just some examples of the media formats we support.

Through our item writer management system, our clients are able to:

  • Integrate true performance based testing: test candidates in the true environment they will work in day in and day out.
  • Assess candidates ability not only to know the subject matter but how to apply that knowledge in the workplace
  • Manage their own item bank and authoring tool if desired
  • Directly integrate with back-end systems through a secure web-server, saving time and maintenance costs by not requiring content to be published to thousands of test centers
  • Utilize a universal test engine: our tool seamlessly integrates with our test center network, legacy systems, mobile and more.
  • Access immediate results over secure transmission facilities
Item Banking

Summit will engineer the optimal item bank configuration for securely cataloging all exam items, item pool and exam forms per candidate. Through close collaboration, Summit identifies our clients exact specifications to enable:

  • Redundant security checks
  • Customized workflow engine
  • Version control with different checking and tools
  • Complete system access level and event login
  • Robust query engine
  • Ability to export and import items to and from various formats
  • Customized data encryption algorithms
  • Built-in previewer using Summit's exam driver
  • Remote item writing with check-in and check-out capabilities

Go beyond just knowing if the candidate is correct. Know why they chose an answer, or why they performed a specific task. The program scores all connections and embedded sub items as needed to generate an overall score. Additionally, the scoring points may be categorized to provide additional feedback to the candidate, client, or both.

Exam Publishing and Packaging

The user interface is a critical component to computer based testing. It needs to be not only streamlined for ease of use and navigation, but it should be custom designed and branded for each client. Summit’s unique platform enables us to integrate custom branding, custom item types and custom reporting through the use of graphics, color and interactivity. Summit's system integrates multiple formats, enables version control and published file archiving.

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