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A one-stop testing solution.

Meet Scout. A powerful, online computer-based testing alternative.

Imagine your entire certification program being powered by one engine. One source. One secure, yet agile system tailored to meet all your specific internal requirements.

Scout Assessment Software™ was developed by Summit as an answer to many of our client’s certification needs. Often, organizations today are looking for a single, web-based source to develop tests, manage content, integrate complex scoring rubrics, and to enable very accessible test delivery to their candidates. Not every testing program requires the complexities of integration within proctored test centers. Our clients’ goals can be easily met with a more nimble, web-based solution that can be easily customized to meet exact specifications. 

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Think of Scout as your personal exam navigator. Designed by Summit’s team of technologists and visionaries, Scout’s aim is to give you the power to be off and running with test authoring, development and delivery, all from one, secure web-based hub. Scout is engineered to:

  • Enable super administrators to add/update or remove tests.
  • Update item content at any time and released into production in minutes.
  • Provide role-based administration system including proctors and teachers.
  • Add/edit/delete new item types to be integrated into the system.
  • Schedule enhancements and new item types.
  • Customize the brand (user interface), customizable by administrators.
  • Be flexible enough to be customized to meet almost any need.
  • Customize reports and/or report server.
  • Be accessible to all users 24/7 via the web.
  • Student feedback including explanations.
  • Customize score reports.
  • Print certificates from the system.
  • Integrate powerful practice tests.

And like all Summit’s technologies, the platform is developed using innovation and emerging technologies. This enables unparalleled flexibility and security.

Best of all? Its proven. Summit’s testing experts have decades of experience with designing, architecting, and developing computer-based testing solutions for multi-faceted, global programs. We have leveraged this knowledge to build an alternative, more lightweight solution which has powered tens of thousands of tests for our clients.  

INdustry-specific verticals: Scout is a great fit for industries who conduct training, certifications, and assessments. 

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Let Scout Assessment Software™ be your secret weapon for navigating test development and delivery.

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