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Simulation Testing

Not what it used to be. Now, its accessible. Really.

Typically heralded as an expensive alternative, simulation testing enables test takers to perform tasks in simulated working environments. This provides a powerful means to evaluate and measure a candidate’s actual knowledge of specific tasks, in a format as close to reality as possible.

The ultimate form of assessment for many awarding bodies, Summit set to work to design a unique system that would make simulation testing accessible. Here's how.

By designing a specialized driver that excels in the delivery and scoring of complex simulation item types, the system targets the problems that plague standard drivers used today. The most powerful feature of the driver is it's ability to pull content from multiple sources including the internet and web services at the same time. This affords clients the ability to publish content and score files to a secure web server, saving time and maintenance costs by not requiring content to be published to thousands of test centers. It also allows clients to push results to their back-end system immediately without waiting on vendor results. Our driver can run in any exam delivery partner environment as well as independently.

The simulation engine is customized for ease of content creation and review. By separating the presentation layer from the data points, the SMEs are quickly able to generate robust simulations by simply providing the data points necessary. Our engine then pulls all the content together and utilizes the same data points for scoring. The result? Simulations that are developed quickly, deployed to market faster and cost effective.

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