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Test Center Mangement System

Security on a global scale.

This is where the rubber meets the road for global testing delivery. Custom-built to integrate with proctored test centers around the world, Summit’s solutions are purposely configured to transmit test content securely and effectively.

As each Test Center Management (TCM) system possesses its own unique requirements – the following two over-arching objectives are always the same: the system needs to be secure, and it needs to provide a streamlined, intuitive experience for its candidates.

Security is Paramount

All tests are administered with relentless attention to security and content integrity, ensuring test consistency from across all centers.

As tests are deployed, the content is securely transmitted through our system by blocking or restoring items and forms in real-time, and ensuring that only the most current versions of the exam are delivered.

Steamlined Candidate Experience

Regardless of where the exam is taking place across the globe, or what unique requirements a candidate may require for testing—Summit’s aim is to provide a consistent testing experience for all users, conducive to concentration.

Summit’s user-experience specialists approach each TCM individually, designing and testing every step of the exam sequence to ensure that the navigation is logical, and that users can quickly and easily proceed through the exam without usability impediments.


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