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Let's Innovate

Testing SERVICESSummit: an end-to-end testing company.

Testing Innovation: Converting your e-assessment program takes more than brilliant software. By customizing computer based testing systems for over a decade, we truly understand all that goes into designing, developing, deploying and evolving end-to-end solutions.

Our aim as a testing services company is to provide our clients with all the guidance and support required to bring their programs to life. We work closely with our clients, providing helpful guidance, recommendations and support services along the way. 

This is what sets Summit apart. We're not a massive corporation with siloed departments looking to shoe-horn our products into complex programs. Instead, we truly wrap around our clients to provide hands-on testing services, guidance and development to ensure a smooth conversion. 

We play nicely with others. Our team of technologists are fluent in multiple testing platforms--outside of our own. We have a lot of experience in collaborating with other testing software vendors for our clients, serving as consultants, strategists and developers, lending our innovative expertise to deliver on complicated requirements. 

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