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Requirements GATHERING

We're big on details. Really big. Like, OCD-big. 

Requirements Gathering

Summit's team of program managers and business analysts work very closely with our clients to ascertain each and every specification. Our requirements documentation outlines clearly exactly how the system is to perform, how the data is to be managed and how the user will interact with the system. These team members were hand- selected to catch every last detail. Yes. They are detail-freaks. Maybe even a little OCD. But when strategizing the whole system, every last detail is critical to the big picture.

Requirements Analysis

Often organizations already have gathered their own requirements, or have leveraged to a vendor to prepare. Summit has a lot of experience in reviewing and analyzing such documentation. We approach these tasks with an experienced and strategic eye, confirming that all details have been captured while also ensuring the top-level goals are being addressed. You know, the Big Picture. 

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